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Turkey Day Column in Augusta Magazine

New column on dieting in Augusta Magazine

My  novel  “Girl Meet Class” will be published by Henery Press in September 2015

Christmas column in Augusta Magazine

My review of Jodi’s Picoult’s novel “Leaving Time” in the Washington Post.

My post on Live Write Thrive called “How Bestselling Authors Sabotage Themselves”.

Book review in Washington Post. (Not for my book; I wrote the review.)

Latest on column on flying the unfriendly skies in Augusta Magazine

My essay on writing for the NY Times on  Writer Unboxed

New essay on Channeling the Writing Gods at South 85 Journal

My op-ed piece was published in the New York Times. It’s about my experience as a commercial novelist in an MFA program. It’s called Masters in Chick Lit.

Read my latest column in Augusta Magazine.

My essay on last winter’s ice storm in the Metro Spirit.