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Thanks for dropping by. I’m very discerning about the novels I read, and I assume you are too. That’s why I’ve provided all my trade reviews, newspaper reviews and book blogger reviews below so you can make an informed decision. Will you connect with my novel?  That depends. One reviewer called it the “the intellectual’s rom-com” and many others have enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek send up of the publishing business. Others have commented on how it masquerades as froth, but provides a lot more substance. Also Love Literary Style is self-aware, meaning it’s a romantic comedy that is constantly winking at rom-com cliches, sort of the way the movie Scream spoofs horror movies.

I like my readers to have a satisfying experience so take a few seconds to find out more about the novel below to see if it’s your cuppa. And, in the interest of complete candor, I have also included all three of my 2-star reviews. (I don’t have any one-star, but give me time :)) Scroll all the way down to read what the dissenters have said.

Fun fact: Love Literary Style was inspired by my essay in the New York Times, “Masters in Chick Lit,” which went viral and was shared with Elizabeth Gilbert and Anne Rice.  .


What seems at first to be a frothy rom-com of mistaken identity set in the world of publishing is actually a multilayered character study of opposites finding common ground and overcoming long-held regrets. VERDICT Gillespie leads readers on a merry chase in this deceptively thought-provoking and addictive tale that will be a hit with romance fans. The lit fic crowd? One never can tell.” ~Library Journal

Gillespie charms with a lively tale of opposites attracting….Buoyed by sympathetic characters, a well-executed… theme, and a strong cast of supporting characters. ~  Publishers Weekly

“Mistaken identities lead a literary snob and a romance writer to fall into bed and in love. Readers… will enjoy Gillespie’s humor, some heartfelt moments, and a journey into the convoluted world of 21st-century publishing.” ~Kirkus

“A meta attack on formulaic writing that also serves as a love letter. It understands how those forms work and, using that understanding, both undermines and embraces it… [P]roof positive that light and breezy can couple with smart, startling and sharp.” ~ Steve Uhles, Augusta Chronicle

There is really no way to explain the joy of reading this book. It should be like cotton candy and just melt away in your brain without a thought left behind. But thanks to Gillespie’s skills as a writer and as a novelist it works in every way. The end product is a beautiful story of a love between two people who absolutely shouldn’t fit, and you will find yourself remembering it often with a smile in your heart. Pus it is going to make one terrific rom com.

~Jackie Cooper, Book Reviewer, Huffington Post

Entertaining, romantic and an emotional delight…This book will resound with struggling author’s everywhere. This is a HEA (happily ever after) but the road to that HEA is paved with self-realization, heartbreak, betrayal, and self-growth at the cost of prideful assumptions. I highly recommend that you find this book and read it!”

~Genre Mix Book Reviews

“I loved this book! The whole thing was very tongue in cheek and poked fun at anything and everything relating to writing as well as romance. ~Novel Gossip

“When you are looking for a book that holds laughs, love and great relationships this is the book to read! ~Bibliophile Reviews

What an amazing story! I was so caught up in the story that I had a hard time putting the book down to do other things (like make dinner!)…

~Storeybook Reviews

 Love Literary Style is delightfully humorous, with Laurie’s writing exercises in the style of classics being particularly amusing. It’s a sweet but wholesomely satisfying book.

~Books Direct

One of the best romantic comedies I’ve read recently!…

~Book Babble

“Love Literary Style is an entertaining romantic comedy that will keep the reader in stitches…simply rom-com at its very best!”

~Jersey Girl Book Reviews

“Gillespie will delight you with her deft, surgical humor, her word play and her insight and compassion. If you are a writer, you will see yourself on every page. If you love literary fiction, upmarket fiction, or genre fiction…this is the book for you. And if you adore sweet southern charmers and awkward young men …this romance will touch your heart. I loved the cover of this book, too!”

~Jena Books

“It was an entertaining and relaxing read. The author had me hooked from the very first, to the very last sentence.


“I thought the story-line was extremely clever and had several unexpected twists. Plus, I really enjoyed the character development and having the opportunity to watch them grow and learn from each other. It was a really great experience and it left me feeling satisfied with the ending

~Live Laugh and Love Books

Love Literary Style shows how you can fall in love, despite your genre! Such a fun book to read.

The Writing Garnet


“This was the first time I’ve read Karin Gillespie work but her writing made me a new fan. I liked her flawed characters,her humour and the fascinating insights into the book world.”

~ItaPixie Book World

“This book is in one word, FUN! Yes in all caps! FUN FUN FUN! If you need a break from the depressing news of the day, this is the book you need to read.~A Chick Who Reads

“Love Literary Style is a refreshing romp of a literary romance – light enough to be enjoyed by almost anyone, but deep enough to give those who want a meaty read their satisfaction, as well.”~ Bibliotica

I really enjoyed Love Literary Style, both for the story of Aaron and Laurie, and also for the insights on different literary styles and genres.  I recommend it enthusiastically to other readers. 

~Birdhouse Books

Gillespie writes with such humor and warmth and it spills over into her characters and story. Highly recommended!”~Peeking Between the Pages

“What started as a predictable romance turned into something unexpected–a deeper and more engrossing story about love and acceptance. I highly recommend.”~Mom in Love With Fiction

“I loved how this book both discussed the typical format of a romantic comedy and followed that format itself, including tropes such as romantic gestures and happily-ever-afters. The characters being writers themselves made the book both cute and smart, as the characters were able to provide comments on the genre and the roles they each played within the typical romantic story. I found the book unique and entertaining!~Not in Jersey

“With a nod to both the publishing and movie industries while winking at romantic comedies and literary fiction, this book had a great balance of poking fun at the absurdities of all of those things while taking a serious look at how complex those industries really are… This was a fun, clean, romantic comedy that had plenty of romance, conflict, and heartwarming moments with opposites attract leads.~Bewitched Bookworms

“Karin Gillespie creates likeable characters and enough twists and spins for an enjoyable read. LOVE LITERARY STYLE is literally a delight.” ~Thoughts on This ‘N That

“Ms. Gillespie has worked her magic with an engaging story and vivid characters and re-confirmed my love of Southern fiction. Love Literary Style just made it to my list of favorite books read in 2016 and now I’m anticipating this most talented author’s next work.~Buried Under Books

“Gillespie wrote a perfectly entertaining and thought-provoking account of Laurie Lee, novice romance novelist, and her meet-cutie Aaron Mite, fancy schmancy highbrow lit fic writer extraordinaire. Their ups and downs totally work.  The author talking to the reader via the characters is ingenious. I also ADORED the ending — a happily ever after, of course — and Gillespie wrote this one with aplomb.

~Random Book Muses

“Delightful with a taste of witty dialogueLove Literary Style by Karin Gillespie will gratify any fan of romantic comedy in a literary sense. ~Just Commonly

“This book is a real charmer! There is such richness in characters, plot and setting. There is something in this book for everyone..humor, friendship, love and so much more. I literally could not put this book down. It was so engrossing, fun and well plotted. A true gem of brilliant writing!

~Mrs. Mommy BookNerd


This was such a fun book to read. Although the story contained a romance, it did not fit into the “romance” genre. I’ve read plenty of good romances to know the difference. This is more a romantic comedy. It’s very witty and appeals to the head and heart.

~Joyfully Retired

“This is a sweet book, you will read it fast and it will leave you with a good mouth taste; it will be worth a read!


This was a fun read. Both main characters were well-developed and quirky – but in extremely different ways.”  ~Cassidy’s Bookshelves

Gotta love whimsy when it is well-played and just delights at every page turn. LOVE LITERARY STYLE is a romantic – comedy with some excellent tongue and cheek for the world of publishing and hope for the Great American Novel. ~Patricia’s Wisdom


“Witty and smart, entertaining and lyrical, in Love Literary Style author Karin Gillespie explores all facets of love and language through her evocative characters and charmingly delicious plot. Aaron and Laurie’s story is the intellectual’s romantic comedy, an uproariously winning tale that is sure to delight a wide range of readers, but particularly those who desire a book with heart.” —Laura Spinella, bestselling author of Ghost Gifts 

Love Literary Style is an intelligently written novel packed with Southern wit.  This is a story book clubs will devour. It’s warmly humorous, thought-provoking and shines with emotional depth.” –Amy Avanzino, author of Wake-Up Call and From the Sideline

“Cheeky and charming, Gillespie’s sweet, outlandish fable is as much a sendup of books, authors, and the publishing industry as it is a love letter to it all. Like the Pink Lady cocktails stodgy Aaron can’t help but adore, Love Literary Style is a frothy and irresistible concoction–that packs a surprising punch.” –Phoebe Fox, Breakup Doctor series


“I did find the insights and commentary about the publishing world to be spot on and amusing…But, I had a hard time liking either Laurie or Aaron. I felt like they were too extreme. Laurie came across as too much of an airhead. I just couldn’t really see either of them together for a lasting relationship.
(Condensed, but that’s the gist of it)

“This book was long and drawn out. Got more interesting nearer the end but the writing was not my favorite” (Full review)

“LOVE LITERARY STYLE is quite enlightening when it comes to publishing and marketing books, the merits of various genres of literature, some scholarly bits, and polishing one’s writing style… I expect I might be alone in my corner with my views on this book. I was expecting a light and witty read, and what I read was a desperate attempt at quirkiness while familiarizing myself with technical aspects on how to be a successful writer. (Condensed)

If you have enough information to take the plunge, here’s an Amazon link. And if you read the book and feel it was somehow misrepresented or just plain not entertaining, email me your receipt and your snail mail address and I will mail you two crisp dollar bills as a refund. That’s roughly what I make on every $5 book. A little less but who’s counting.

I do believe in this book and if you purchase it, happy reading!!