I have discussion questions for both Girl Meets Class  and Love Literary Style.  I’ll also be glad to visit local book clubs within 70 miles from Augusta, Georgia, and I’m happy to do Skype or conference calls.


Coming soon! Divinely Yours Book Club questions


Girl Meets Class  Discussion Questions

  1. Many readers found Toni Lee to be extremely unlikable at first. Do you feel as if she redeemed herself by the end of the book? Why or why not?
  2. The author taught in an inner-city school for ten years. Did the depiction of school scenes seem realistic to you? Did you identify with an aspects of her experience? Were their false notes?
  3. What were your thoughts on the ending? Was it satisfying to you?
  4. The novel mixes humor with very serious themes. Did the author manage to pull off the balance? Why or why not?
  5. What did you think of the romance between Toni Lee and Carl?
  6. Toni Lee changes a great deal during the novel. Was her transformation believable?
  7. Toni Lee is asked to do some unethical things to keep her job.  If you’re an educator, have you ever felt pressured by administration to do something you weren’t comfortable with?
  8.  If you’re an educator,  what kind of advice would you have given Toni Lee when she first starts teaching?

Love Literary Style

  1. One of the themes in the novel is literary snobbery. Are there certain books you won’t read? What are your thoughts on the divide between commercial and literary fiction?
  2. Aaron is somewhat of an unlikeable character throughout the novel. Do you think he redeemed himself?
  3.  Aaron was quite honest when critiquing Laurie’s fiction. Do you think he should have lied to her?
  4.  Do you read romance novels? What do you think of Aaron’s criticism of the genre?
  5. Do you read literary fiction? Why or why not?
  6. Ross claims that readers are very slow to abandon authors, even when their novels are written by other people? Do you think this is so? How loyal are you to certain authors?
  7. The novel’s a romantic comedy. What are some of your all-time favorite rom-coms and why?
  8. Aaron claims that romances are predictable. Most readers probably guessed there’d be an HEA but were their other surprises along the way?
  9. Do you enjoy HEAs in novels? Why or why not?