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I’m  a Midwestern girl who, after forty years in Georgia, is still trying to get the hang of being Southern.

What does all my fiction have in common? (So far!)

1. A Southern setting. I wasn’t born in the South. (But I got here as fast as I could!) Over the years I’ve fallen in love with my adopted land and now I can’t stop setting novels in the deep South.

2A sense of hopefulness.  I’m definitely a glass-half-full person. I believe our natural state is joy and all my fiction is drenched in the idea that life is a gorgeous, positive adventure. That said, my characters can often be deeply flawed, but by the end of their adventures they will definitely snag their own little pieces of redemption.

3. Humor.  

I’m not saying I’m a laugh-a-minute kind of author but my sense of humor always sneaks into my work.

4. A romantic element: 

Romance is not always the main element in my work but I do manage to sneak some smooching and canoodling into every novel.

5. Friendship: 

I have some many dear women friends: Happy Hour girls, Friday girls, writer girls, walking friends etc. My fiction reflects my love for my friends.


Official bio:

Karin Gillespie is the national-bestselling author of six novels. She has also written for the New York Times, Washington Post and Writer Magazine. She has an MFA from Converse College and lives in Augusta, Georgia. She writes a book column for the Augusta Chronicle, and a humor column for the Augusta Magazine.