Why You Should Never Tangle With Julia Roberts

19fhesz5oviuhjpgWho is Vera Steimberg? I’ll bet most of you won’t recognize her name.

If you google her you’ll discover she’s a make-up artist to the stars, but there’s more to her story than that. Back in 2000 she was married to a camera man named Danny for four years. Presumably they were happy, both working in an industry they loved,

But then Danny got a job on a film called The Mexican, which starred the beautiful and charismatic Julia Roberts. Was Vera worried? Probably not. Even though Danny was extremely handsome, he’d worked on plenty of films with beautiful women before. Also Julia Roberts was already involved with the suave actor Benjamin Bratt. What could she possible see in a guy who had the lowly position of B camera, first assistant? Surely if Julia was going to hit on anyone it would be her luscious co-star Brad Pitt?

But that’s not what happened. Almost immediately Julia zeroed in on Danny.  She was quoted as saying she got “an instant crush on him” and that she couldn’t stop fantasizing about him. Once it was clear that Julia was interested in him, Danny revealed to her that his marriage was in trouble.

Ha! That was news to his wife Vera.

Vera knew nothing about what was developing between Danny and Julia. In fact, she only found about the affair after the film wrapped, when she discovered her husband was calling Julia every day. Eventually Danny told his wife he was moving out and Vera said, “You’re going to throw away five years of marriage for a fling?” (Back then Julia was known to be notoriously fickle.)

Vera fought for her man. She didn’t want to give him a divorce; she hoped he would change his mind. Julia was not pleased. She was photographed wearing a t-shirt that said, “A low Vera.” In other words, when a movie star like Julia wants your husband, you’re supposed to hand him over.

Eventually Vera, bless her heart, gave up. After all it’s pretty hard to compete with someone like Julia Roberts.

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It isn’t every day a movie star steals your husband. When that day comes for Chiffon Butrell of Cayboo Creek South Carolina, she looks to the Bottom Dollar Girls to help her out of one fine mess.

Husband Lonnie has run out to Hollywood and holes up with famous star Janie-Lynn Lauren. He’s left behind Chiffon, her three children and a very tiny bank account. Chiffon breaks her ankle and has to rely on her estranged sister Chenille to lend a hand.

When the tabloid media gets wind of her husband’s torrid romance, sleepy Cayboo Creek lands on the star map. Under the glare of camera lights, the two sisters must put aside longtime grievances to forge a newfound relationship.

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