3 Insights Guaranteed to Improve Your Creative Work


1. Weathering the Bumps

Eckhard Tolle, author of A New Earth, tells the story of J. Krishnamuri, an Indian philosopher who regaled an eager audience with the secret of life.

 He said: “I don’t mind what happens.”

Does that sound callous and wacky? Maybe on the surface, but he’s demonstrating an understanding of the transitory nature of our experience.  Stuff happens. It’s what we add to our moment-by-moment experience that hurts us.

For instance, when our work gets rejected, there might be many legitimate reasons for that rejection, but too often we tell ourselves unnecessary stories about the unfairness of the gatekeepers, the awfulness of our work, the hopelessness of our ambitions.

In our minds, we turn rejection into this many-headed monster, far more frightening than it really is. Naturally after experiencing such angst, we are reluctant to put ourselves out their again.

Instead treat rejection or other setbacks like moguls on a ski slope; instead of letting them stop you or make you fall, sail right over them.

2. Creation is Supposed to Be Messy.

The Universe came into being with a big, boisterous bang; babies are born covered in goo, and seven-layer caramel cakes don’t get baked without dirtying a few dishes.

Give yourself permission to be throw some clay, splatter some paint, dangle some participles…Later you can clean up, but first efforts should be raw and unrestrained.

3. Copy Cats Get Burned

I was talking with a writer friend and she said she saw a panel with Daniel Waters, screenwriter of Heathers who claimed that ideas were like stars. Once they are out there, shining their brightest in the night sky, they are already cold and dead. Meaning this: All those seductive shiny ideas you want to imitate, all those white-hot trends are on their way to burning out.   Make your own super nova

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