Ten Things About Book Titles That Keep Me Up at Night

A few years I wrote a blog post called Ten Things About Publishing That Keep Me Up at Night. Recently book titles have been giving me restless nights.

  1. Wives are the hot new thing: The Silent Wife, (as if), The Shoemaker’s Wife, The Reliable Wife, The Last Original Wife, The Headmasters Wife and The Unwilling Wife.  (Sounds like last Saturday night at my house.)
  2. Husbands, by the way, are not completely left out. One of my favorite books this year was The Husband’s Secret, but a quick check of Amazon reveals wife books are far more popular. Here are some of the husband titles: The Husband School (one hopes back rubs are part of the curriculum) Rent a Husband and The Perfect Husband (a fantasy novel, of course).
  3. Next is that ever-popular genre, wives of famous dead guys. You got your Aviator’s Wife, The Paris Wife, The Traitor’s Wife, The Astronaut Wives Club and The Wives of Los Alamos.
  4.  Not to be outdone, mistresses have also entered the fray, i.e. Freud’s Mistress and Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival. Would this trend work in reverse? How about Madame Curie’s Main Squeeze, Amelia Earhart’s Arm Candy or Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Hottie? Something to consider.
  5. On a related note, before you’re a wife, you need to be a bride. Did you think bride books became passé with the death of chick lit? Think again. For some reason mail-order brides are huge. More brides include The Rancher and the Runaway Bride, Prairie Brides, the Cowboy’s Reluctant Bride, and my favorite, Badass Brides.
  6. Almost everyone knows that Fifty Shades of Grey made erotic romance lit even hotter, but did you also know it has paved the way for a rash of billionaire books? There’s the Billionaire’s Obsession, Forbidden Disclosure (A Billionaire in Disguise), Bedding the Billionaire, The Billionaire’s Wife (two birds with one stone) The Billionaire’s Bride of Vengeance, the Billionaire’s Mistress and let’s not forget The Billionaire’s Pregnant Mistress. (Shrewd move, girlie.)
  7. Before you’re a bride, you’re a daughter, and that’s also a popular word in book titles. You have the Memory Keeper’s Daughter, The Rancher’s Daughter, (What’s up with ranchers? Is that a thing?) The Bloodletter’s Daughter, The Daughter of Darkness and of course, The Billionaire’s Daughter. 
  8.  And let’s not forget sisters: Two Sisters, Sisters in Love (Not with each other one imagines), Between Sisters, Twisted Sisters, Weird Sisters, and The Divine Secrets of the Whoopie Pie Sisters. (Yes. That is a real book title.)
  9. Many titles enjoy being a girl, particularly after the success of Gone Girl. You have The Rancher’s Girl (again? It must be a thing), Girl Missing, Clever Girl, Mafia Girl and The Girl Who Bit Back. (Maybe because she’s tired of being in so many novels?)
  10. Finally, related to girl titles are girlfriend titles which include Girlfriends Forever, Secret Girlfriend, One Week Girlfriend and the oh-so-relatable book Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend.  


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